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And, yes, I DO take it personally: In planning for universal broad-band access, why does the FCC have to "tread carefully"?
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

In planning for universal broad-band access, why does the FCC have to "tread carefully"?

it makes a pathetic statement about our country when a government agency which, in this case, is clearly working for the common good, has to walk on eggshells with corporations that only have their profits in mind...
The plan envisions a fully Web-connected world with split-second access to health care information and online classrooms, delivered through wireless devices yet to be dreamed up in Silicon Valley. But to get there, analysts say the F.C.C. must tread carefully with companies like Comcast and AT&T that largely control Internet pricing and speeds. Already, there are questions about the extent to which the F.C.C. has jurisdiction over Internet providers.

one of my biggest beefs about our government and its leaders is how rarely they seem to work on behalf of the good of the commons... now, here's the fcc, with a plan to not only eliminate the internet class divide and bring the u.s. up to a par with the 28 other countries who have faster internet access than the u.s., and it's worrying about stepping on corporate toes... what a crock o'shit...

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