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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Bullshit from Booz & Company
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bullshit from Booz & Company

i'm on the email list for booz & company's strategy+business newsletter... most of the time i just delete it because i find the endless cheerleading for the corporatocracy nauseating... i spent many years in the corporate world and i've lost all patience with the pap that's used to justify bottomless greed and predatory behavior... reading this article offers a perfect example of what makes my gorge rise...
The New Golden Age
by Mark Stahlman

The history of investment and technology suggests that the global economy is poised to enter a new phase of robust, dependable growth. Such phases occur roughly every 60 years, and they last for a decade or more, part of a long cycle of technological change and financial activity. The current cycle, which began around 1970, is based on silicon: the integrated circuit, the digital computer, global telecommunications, and the Internet. It may feel like this technology has run its course, but the cycle is really only at its midpoint, and a new silicon-based global elite will lead the way to economic recovery.

how mr. stahlman can look himself in the mirror in the morning after penning this crap is beyond me... the entire financial house of cards has collapsed and fallen on everybody but those who are responsible for creating the goddam mess in the first friggin' place... there's misery, hunger, unemployment, hunger and dire poverty everywhere and this turd is waxing about a "new golden age"... asshole, along with those who think stuff like this merits a serious read...

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