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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Eugene Robinson on the desperate slowness of Obama's "change" "change
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Eugene Robinson on the desperate slowness of Obama's "change" "change

and i think the jury is still out on whether we're witnessing any real "change" at all or whether, in fact, we ever will...
Like many people who desperately want to see the country take a more progressive course, I quibble and quarrel with some of President Obama's actions. I wish he'd been tougher on Wall Street, quicker to close Guantanamo, more willing to investigate Bush-era excesses, bolder in seeking truly universal health care. I wish he could summon more of the rhetorical magic that spoke so compellingly to the better angels of our nature.

But he's a president, not a Hollywood action hero.

yeah, ok, eugene... i concede he's not a hollywood action hero, but.............. when our country has been brought as low as it has to the extent that people - and i'm one of them - have begun to despair of it's ever being made right, maybe an action hero is what we need...besides, when i see obama deliberately continuing some of the very worse abuses of the previous administration, it's very hard for me to hold on to any hope for this president...

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