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And, yes, I DO take it personally: And how about that economy that's rising from the ashes?
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Thursday, July 02, 2009

And how about that economy that's rising from the ashes?

i was - not by choice - watching cnbc's kudlow report yesterday... good lord, what a collection of self-important gasbags...! if they weren't fulminating about the "death tax," they were pounding the drums for just how rosy things are starting to look for the economy and how obama's stimulus package had absolutely NOTHING to do with it... i finally had to leave the room... just one of the many, many reasons my tolerance level for u.s. television is measured in nanoseconds...

look for yourself and see how long you can hold out...

meanwhile, reality, in its usual annoying fashion, insists on making its presence felt...

U.S. Unemployment Rate Rises to 26-Year High

Employers keep slashing jobs, undermining signs of progress in the economy, and making clear that the job market remains in terrible shape.

then this from the la times...
Even as the nation's economy begins clawing its way out of the worst recession in 60 years, there are growing signs that this recovery could come with an unsettling twist: The wheels of commerce may begin to turn again without any substantial boost in jobs.

Not only is the national unemployment rate, now 9.4%, likely to climb into double digits later this year, but it is also expected to remain there well into 2010, economists say. That would prolong the misery of the unemployed, squeeze retailers and other businesses, and add millions of dollars in government costs and lost productivity. It could even threaten the recovery itself.

a guy in my class asked me on tuesday night how long he could expect to be out of work (he was laid off from a local casino about four months ago)... not wanting to sugarcoat the truth, i told him that he should expect at least another year and perhaps longer... amazingly enough, he's actually begun to consider emigrating to canada, an idea i told him might not be a bad one...

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