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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Netanyahu will accept a Palestinian state as long as it's not really a SOVEREIGN state AND Israel keeps building settlements
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Netanyahu will accept a Palestinian state as long as it's not really a SOVEREIGN state AND Israel keeps building settlements


woo-hoo... what a pile of bullshit...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bowed to U.S. pressure Sunday and accepted the goal of a Palestinian state. But it was unclear whether the breakthrough, welcomed by President Obama, would lead to a revival of peace talks with the Palestinians, who immediately rejected the sharp limits Netanyahu would place on their nation's sovereignty.

Netanyahu said Israel needed international guarantees that a Palestinian state would not have its own military.In his first policy speech on the conflict since taking office 10 weeks ago, he also insisted that the U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority give up claims to Jerusalem as a future capital, recognize Israel as a Jewish state and "impose law and order" on the Hamas militants who run the Gaza Strip.


Netanyahu's half-hour address, televised in Israel during prime time, staked out a strikingly different approach to the conflict than the one Obama offered 10 days earlier in an address to the Muslim world from Cairo. He again rebuffed Obama's call for a halt to the growth of Jewish settlements in the West Bank as a first step toward engaging Arab states in a broad regional peace effort.

ok, now lemme see if i got this straight...

it's ok with israel if palestine becomes a nation (like israel has the ultimate say-so) but palestinians can't have any means to defend themselves (unlike every other sovereign nation on the planet with the most belligerent, destructive, downright NASTY country imaginable right next door, a country that's been working to wipe palestinians off the face of the earth and take all their land since the late 40s), palestinians have to give up all claims to jerusalem (one of islam's holiest sites outside of mecca and medinah), and israel will keep expanding its illegal settlements on palestinian land... oh, yeah, and btw, the palestinians have to put down the legitimately elected hamas government in gaza...

heckuva deal, dontcha think...? no wonder the palestinians are so thrilled...

Palestinian leaders dismissed Netanyahu's call to begin peace talks "immediately, without preconditions," as a nonstarter.

"Netanyahu left us with nothing to negotiate, as he systematically took nearly every issue off the table," said Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian Authority negotiator. "Nor did he accept a Palestinian state; instead, he announced a series of conditions and qualifications that render a viable, independent and sovereign state impossible."

Nabil abu Rudaineh, an aide to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said the speech was "not enough to start a serious peace process."

Ahmad Bahar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, said the speech "proves that resistance is the only way for the Palestinians to regain their legitimate rights." Hamas' alliance with Iran, hostility to Israel and violent opposition to Abbas' administration make Israelis skeptical that any peace accord can work.

like i said, heckuva deal...

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