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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The Reno earthquake jitters
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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Reno earthquake jitters

from esteemed #1 son in northern nevada...
You might be a Northwest Reno resident If

# While shopping for a new dining room table, you bring the entire family to RC Willey [well-known local furniture store] to make sure you all fit underneath it.

# “Family Game Night” includes copious rounds of Uno, Scrabble and “Guess the Magnitude.”

# The USGS Web site is your home page, and you check the UNR Seismology site as frequently as you check your e-mail.

# You believe the “Triangle of Life” is so last week.

# You can now hear the earthquakes before they arrive.

# You are spackling and painting your walls — why not, there aren’t any pictures on them anyhow.

# You get mad at the kids when they’re snacking out of the earthquake bin in the garage.

# “I’ve felt 25 earthquakes today?” you reflect. “What a great day!”

# Your children know what “Rabbit in the hole” means.

# The “Living with Earthquakes in Nevada” publication that you found last week in the RGJ has become your coffee-table book.

# You know the exact latitude and longitude of your home.

# You can adeptly convert UTC to Pacific Daylight Time.

# Earthquake insurance brochures and estimates are in your “To File” stack.

# You debate the philosophical underpinnings of “aftershock or foreshock” with your family and neighbors.

# Wall hangings = floor leanings.

# You have narrowed down the lag time between an earthquake and the moment the magnitude posts to the UNR Seismo site to 11 minutes and 42 seconds – give or take.

# Your car is parked in your driveway — and not because there’s no room in the garage.

# You take a shower in your swim suit; after all, who wants to be naked when the “Big One” hits?

# On your nightstand next to the latest Eckhart Tolle book and your Carmex is a Maglite flashlight and a crescent wrench you’ll use to turn off the gas.

# The pharmacist doesn’t even ask if you need the briefing about Xanax anymore.

only 27 more days and i'll be back there...

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