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And, yes, I DO take it personally: "Western-looking" Al Qaeda operatives sneaking into the U.S.? Keeping them fear ovens stoked...
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Monday, March 31, 2008

"Western-looking" Al Qaeda operatives sneaking into the U.S.? Keeping them fear ovens stoked...

lemme tell ya, reading "news" like this feels just a little bit different when i'm sitting here less than a few hundred miles from the afghan-pakistani border... different HOW, you may ask...? funnier... sadder... more pathetic...
Al Qaeda is training fighters that "look western" and could easily cross U.S. borders without attracting attention, CIA Director Michael Hayden said on Sunday.

The militant Islamist group has turned Pakistan's remote tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan into a safe haven, and is using it to plot further attacks against the United States, Hayden said.

"They are bringing operatives into that region for training -- operatives that wouldn't attract your attention if they were going through the customs line at Dulles (airport outside Washington) with you when you were coming back from overseas," Hayden said during an interview on NBC's television show Meet the Press.

"(They) look western (and) would be able to come into this country without attracting the kinds of attention that others might," Hayden said, without offering further details.

i'm working with a number of afghans on the project i'm consulting for... some of them dress western style and some don't... some come in one way one day and another way the next... if dressing, looking and acting like westerners is the goal, hey, that ain't hard to do, and i doubt very seriously if it suddenly occurred to al qaeda that, "OMG, maybe if we try to look more western, we could pass more easily"...

< D'OH >

you're an idiot, hayden, and the media who print this drivel are just as bad for sucking it up...

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