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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The real story behind the bailout - massive wealth and power increases at the top
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Monday, March 17, 2008

The real story behind the bailout - massive wealth and power increases at the top

them that has the gold makes the rules...

from jerome a paris at daily kos

It's time to move beyond the old adage "if you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, you're either insane or an economist" to note the hard, painful truth: they're not expecting different results, they're getting exactly the results they wanted: massive wealth and power increases at the top, at the expense of everybody else.

[Alan Greenspan's Financial Times] article is the most explicit ever call for that age old principle: privatise the profits, socialise the losses. Why is that man still listened to? Oh yes: because the only public that matters are those on the privatised end of that sentence.


This is not incompetence - this is unrepentant, brazen praise of looting, and a call for more.

looting is a word i haven't used in reference to the incessant fleecing of the masses by the super-rich elites... why, i don't know, because it's a perfect fit...

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