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And, yes, I DO take it personally: A Brother Tim Op-Ed
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Brother Tim Op-Ed

The Height Depth of Venality

Funk and Wagnall's Standard Collegiate Dictionary

Venal (vee'-nal) adj. 1. Ready to sell honor or principle, or to accept a bribe; mercenary; purchasable. 2. Subject to sordid bargaining or to corrupt influences; salable. 3. Characterized by corruption and venality.

Sadly, this definition is both meet, and befitting, of the vast majority of our politicians; especially the upper tiers of our government. The Executive Branch, the Senate, and the House of Representatives are perfect illustrations of this vile and odious behavior. Who holds the #1 spot (the worst of the worst) fluctuates like the ebb and flow of the tides. If you believe the moon only affects the psychopaths and sociopaths amongst us, look at the effect it has on our national leadership. It happens once a month, except in the event of a Blue Moon; and then it's twice.

But the most prodigiously egregious example right now, is none other than Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her greed and lust for power knows no bounds.

Does she really care about America? Is she honestly concerned about the health and welfare of the Democrat Party? Let's examine a few of her, and her campaign's, actions.

1) Her self-agrandizing exagerations (a form of lieing) about brokering the Irish Peace Accords and dodging sniper-fire on the tarmac in Bosnia, among a litany of other things. She may be 'Ready on Day One' on many things, but honesty and truthfulness are not amongst them.

2) Heaping praise on the presumptive Republican candidate, Sen John McCain, on his experience and capabilities; while denigrating and deriding her Democratic rival, Sen Barack Obama.

3) With her virtually mathematical impossibility (short of Obama stepping into an open manhole or getting hit by a flying pig) of winning the nomination; she insists on staying in the race and driving a wedge between Democrats, weakening the party.

If the Obama/Clinton situation were reversed, Hillary and her campaign would be shrilly harping for Obama to withdraw for the sake of party unity. But no, not her; every week they come up with a new scenario where she can win the nomination.

"We'll use pledged delegate counts" --- Nope, that won't work. "OK, we'll use the popular vote" --- Nope, that won't fly. Then, "It's up to the Super delegates" ---Hmmm, doesn't look like that pig's gonna dance, either. "Well, how about having the Super delegates vote by Electoral College standards" --- C'mon, give it up already. Finally, "Let's forget about the implemented rules we all agreed upon. We don't want to disenfranchise the voters of Florida and Michigan" --- Not mentioning the fact that she was the only one on the ballot in Michigan; after ALL the Democrat Candidates (including herself) signed affidavits stating they would NOT participate (all took their names off the ballot, except Clinton).

As the old saw goes: Actions speak louder than words. What do her actions say to me? They say that she will say or do ANYTHING, at any cost, to be President. She feels privileged and annointed. If she can't have the nomination, she would rather the Republicans win, so she can have another go for it in 2012. It matters not to her if she splinters the Party and sends the country over the cliff under more Republican Tyranny.

That, my friends, is TRUE venality.

What say y'all?

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