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And, yes, I DO take it personally: "EVERYTHING depends on our standing up."
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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Friday, January 11, 2008

"EVERYTHING depends on our standing up."

opol's back and he's cranked...
My generation thought Vietnam was an aberration, but it wasn’t, it was the game plan. Lie your way into a nasty little war and let other people’s children do the killing and dying while the fat cats at the top of the capitalist pile rake in the dough. It’s all for the benefit of those so bloated with greed that they just don’t care that their profits come soaked in the blood of innocents and patriots.


Nearly 4,000 American service men and women have died for no good reason in Iraq since our wrongheaded and distinctly criminal invasion in 2003 (not to mention a million Iraqis). How hard must it be to face the fact that your loved one didn’t die to protect the world from anything, that they died for no noble purpose, not to preserve freedom or democracy, not for any righteous cause – but for nothing - nothing worth dying for at any rate? How hard must that be?

They died for the sole purpose of making already wealthy men even wealthier. It is evil. It is pure evil.


Would having a Democrat in office make it better? Not necessarily. I find it painful to point out that the Democrats have surrendered the moral high ground without a fight. Theories as to why abound, but it is clear that they have done just that. We should not be fooled. Our government is against us, and it is no longer fair to make distinctions between Republicans and Democrats except in rare individual cases. The vast majority of all our politicians of both parties are corrupt or otherwise compromised and are now in thrall to the corporatist military-industrial-congressional-media complex. They are no longer on our side - if they ever were.

What we are headed for is a brutal fascistic rule of the super rich enforced on the impoverished masses by heavily armed thugs operating under color of law - though there are those here who will tell you that it can’t happen here. If we believe that, it will be our epitaph.


The Democrats are not going to be our salvation. I wish that weren’t true - but it is. It is strictly up to us. Put your faith in the American people – they, we, are our last and only hope. We must stand up to the monsters who have done this to our country, and we must take it back from them. We are the only true owners of this nation. It’s time to act up America.

Soldiers are taught that when caught in a deadly ambush with nowhere to run or hide, you must charge the ambush. It is a case of the best defense being a good offense. We need to rise up, not stand down. We need to resist the fascism. We need to charge the ambush.

Our choices have come down to two: we can knuckle under, or we can stand up. And EVERYTHING depends on our standing up.

like i said the other day, there is only one answer to our desperate national crisis, and it will only be found by looking in the mirror...

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