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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Why the traditional media marginalizes and trivializes Edwards, Huckabee, and Paul
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why the traditional media marginalizes and trivializes Edwards, Huckabee, and Paul

glenn, as usual, boils it down...
[Traditional media journalists] perceive attacks on the establishment to be attacks on them. And thus, most journalists are instinctively hostile to candidates which are outside and critical of that establishment. Journalists just don't believe that the system on which they depend and which gives them their access and purpose can possibly be fundamentally broken or corrupt. They are, after all, the establishment press.

so, john edwards, mike huckabee, and ron paul are clearly anti-establishment candidates - edwards for his audacity in pointing out that corporations rule the country, huckabee for daring to suggest that the r's have abandoned the party's middle and lower-class, and paul for pointing out our nation's constitutional crisis, financial unsustainability, and delusions of empire...

there's one point, however, that glenn neglects to make... our traditional media, handily reinforced by yesterday's fcc ruling, has been consolidated so completely under the ownership of powerful and wealthy establishment elites, and the relationship among corporations, government, and media outlets has become so interlocking, that journalists, rather than insuring that america's citizens are well-informed, instead play the role of p.r. flacks and spinmeisters to their masters' agendas... and their masters REQUIRE elected officials who will CONTINUE to serve that agenda, and to see candidates emerge who clearly WON'T serve that agenda scares the crap out of them, and therefore must be stopped...

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