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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Pakistan -- The Land of Pitfalls and Opportunities
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Pakistan -- The Land of Pitfalls and Opportunities

For the last three days we have been bombarded with the Benazir Bhutto assassination. We've heard from all the Presidential Candidates, all the Politicians, all the World Leaders, and worst of all, all the Pundits. So I figured, 'Why don't I throw in my two cents worth?'.

Was Benazir Bhutto a decent woman? Yes. Was she the Saviour of Pakistan? I doubt it. Her, and the entire Bhutto family; her father; her mother; her brothers; and even her gigolo-turned-power broker husband, Asif Ali Zardari have had clouds of corruption swirling over them for decades. Twice she was elected to the office of Prime Minister, and twice she was deposed from her office on charges of corruption. Since her first election to office, the Bhutto family is thought to have ripped off Pakistan for about 1.5 Billion Dollars, through bribes, kick-backs, and transfer of Pakistani land for peronal enrichment. I can certainly understand why all the Western politicians are fawning all over her as a 'good democratic leader'. The West has a way of glorifying the dead. To hear all the politicians and pundits talk, you'd have thought it was an obituary for Mother Teresa. But the dead are now history. Let's talk about the living.

President Pervez Musharraf is a man walking a tightrope. His greed and lust for power is insatiable! He, himself, is suspected of ripping off over a billion dollars. But his greed and lust will not allow him to just retire quietly and live out his life in luxury. No, he has sold his soul to the devil for filthy lucre. Now, he's stuck between the proverbial rock and the hard place. He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

If he leans too much towards BushCo his own people want to kill him; if he leans too much to his own people King George will cut funding and support, which will, in effect, kill him. Either way, he is a dead man walking. So he's walking that tightrope, trying to stay balanced. But the winds are starting to pick up, and it's just a matter of time before he loses that balance and falls hard. That man is in dire need of prayer (like Bush), because only God can change a heart.

Now for a good opportunity. It's knocking hard on the McCain Presidential Campaign door. Faux News (naturally) had his speech in Des Moines. I was amazed at what he had to say:

"I've been to Waziristan, I knew Benazir Bhutto, I know Musharraf very well. If I were President......


"I know the players, I know the individuals, and I know the best way to address this situation."

*crackle crackle* Earth to McCain *crackle crackle*

Let me give you a little Campaign Strategy advice. It won't cost you a dime. Do you WANT to become President? Do you REALLY WANT to become President?? If so, here's what you do:

If you're gonna talk the talk, John, you need to walk the walk. In other words, Put up or Shut up! If you truly know the players, and know the individuals, and most importantly, know the best way to solve it; then do it!

Get on the phone and call them. Then, put your wrinkled flabby white ass* on a plane over there. You don't need a permission slip from the King. You, Sir, are the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces. My God, man, what are you waiting for? More people to be killed?

Send your Campaign Workers out saying, "Senator McCain is on his way to Pakistan to resolve this crisis. It is too important to delay. These are the things he wanted us to say to you..........."

And when you return, victorious with peace treaty or resolution in hand, riding in the Straight Talk Express bus, adorned with flags and bunting; you won't be WANTING to be President, you WILL BE President.

If you are unable, or unwilling, to do this; then I would counsel you to keep your mouth shut and single-handedly slow Global Warming by cutting off so much hot air.

How bad do you want the Presidency, Senator? Enough to dig down deep inside yourself and find nobility, wisdom, honesty, and justice? Or are you saddled by the demons of your past? Resentments and hostilities toward your captors at the Hanoi Hilton have festered inside you, only to blossom into your war-mongering ways. Bring us peace, John, and you WILL be President. Pay us upfront, Senator, and the job is yours.

* 'flabby white ass' terminology, compliments of Profmarcus.

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