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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The more I read Glenn Greenwald, the more I'm impressed by what he has to say
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The more I read Glenn Greenwald, the more I'm impressed by what he has to say

please understand, i've never NOT been impressed by what greenwald has to say, but in following his recent posts where he articulately and passionately maintains a devotion to reason and truth despite increasing attacks from his own "progressive," "liberal" blog-brethren and media pundits, my respect for him has increased exponentially...

glenn's post from yesterday builds on similar posts over the past couple of weeks in which he masterfully sets forth his case for the value of ron paul as a presidential candidate, a case he makes NEITHER out of his support for paul as a contender for the republican nomination NOR out of his support for paul as a future president, but principally because of the ISSUES THAT RON PAUL IS BRINGING TO THE NATIONAL DISCUSSION SOLELY BY BEING IN THE RACE... astoundingly - or maybe not so astoundingly - glenn writes this particular column and subsequent updates in response to a not-so-thinly-veiled attack by a fellow progressive, ezra klein (here, here, and here)... it's a shame when you have to say something like this to a presumed like-minded professional colleague...

I wish a fraction of the energy that progressives devote to criticizing Ron Paul was devoted instead -- at least during the primary season -- to criticizing their own viable candidates for the gaping deficienices identified here, ones that are likely to have a far greater impact than any of the perceived flaws of Ron Paul.

this is the same dynamic i have repeatedly decried here on this blog, the incomprehensible and unconscionable seeming refusal of my fellow so-called progressives and liberals to face up to our critical national constitutional crisis, an issue that ron paul faces head-on... while i don't support ron paul (or anyone else at the moment), he is the only one besides, to a lesser extent, chris dodd and dennis kucinich, who is putting this issue on the table where it so rightly belongs... glenn is spot on... this is an issue we can't ignore and we can't afford to marginalize and demonize any candidate who sees it for what it is...

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