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And, yes, I DO take it personally: A message to Bill Richardson, a democratic presidential candidate
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A message to Bill Richardson, a democratic presidential candidate

another day, another fund-raising appeal, another response, this time to dave contarino, campaign manager, richardson for president...
Mr. Contarino,

Unless and until ANY presidential candidate of ANY party summons the huevos to stand up and speak out against the assault on the United States Constitution that has been waged by administrations of BOTH parties for decades and has now reached its appalling zenith with the Bush administration, I will withhold my support, both financial and otherwise. This speaking out is essential for our constitutionally-based republic to survive, and must encompass several elements.

First, of course, the candidate must call the public's attention to the critical state of the nation at present - the separation of powers neutered, executive power run amok, money shamelessly flowing to political and business cronies, a disastrous war based on utter lies, civil liberties shredded, "enhanced interrogation techniques" as a euphemism for torture, the elimination of habeas and any semblance of due process, secret prisons, warrantless surveillance, search and seizure in direct violation of the 4th Amendment - the list is too long to enumerate here.

Second, the candidate must issue a call to action. Citizens can not afford to sit idly by while their country is turned into a fascist state. People must be given a course of positive, constructive action, things that can be done NOW, while we still have time. This would logically include removing the current administration from office and placing a caretaker government in charge until the election can be held in November of next year.

Third, the candidate must pledge to roll back all the levers of unfettered power put in place by the Bush and previous administrations. In fact, a pledge to roll back is insufficient. The candidate must REPUDIATE such actions and offer concrete proposals for how our Constitution can be preserved in the future once he or she takes office.

This is extremely serious business, Mr. Contarino, and there is not a moment to lose. Your politics-as-usual fund-raising appeal on behalf of Governor Richardson is woefully inadequate when placed against what our country is facing. Should Governor Richardson choose to make facing our constitutional crisis part of his campaign, feel free to contact me once again to request my support.

Best regards,

like it will make the slightest bit of difference...

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