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And, yes, I DO take it personally: I don't believe Doolittle, Domenici, Lugar, any of them
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I don't believe Doolittle, Domenici, Lugar, any of them

oh, yeah, they're running away from bush... oh, yeah, they're calling for a change in iraq policy... oh, yeah, they want u.s. troops "off the front lines as soon as possible..."
Rep. John Doolittle, a consevative California congressman, today joined others in his party rapidly deserting the president on the Iraq war.


He said U.S. troops should be pulled back from the front lines "as soon as possible" and the fighting turned over to Iraqi forces.


Earlier today, Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) also called for a change in course in U.S. military strategy in Iraq — without waiting for the September report on the "surge." He joined other Republican senators as Richard Lugar who have recently broken with the White House on this issue.

note that he said "off the front lines," not "out of the country..."

talk is cheap... i'm with harry reid... put up or shut up... i don't believe that george, no matter how many repubs speak out against iraq, has the slightest intention of pulling out... we are in iraq forever... if there is a pulldown, it will be cosmetic only and simply to paper over dissent within the party... let's face it, if the number of troops added since the escalation began were pulled out tomorrow, we'd just be back where we were late last year, but the media would be falling all over itself reporting on the so-called withdrawal, and the repubs would be congratulating themselves for standing up to the president... what a gigantic crock of steaming bullshit...

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