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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Aw, c'mon, WaPo, who's kidding who...?
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"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."
- Noam Chomsky
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aw, c'mon, WaPo, who's kidding who...?

before going any further, go back and read my post from earlier today... once you've done that, feel free to proceed...
After enjoying great deference in the conduct of national security for his first six years in office, President Bush now faces an assertive opposition Congress that has left him on the defensive. The nonbinding resolution passed by the House yesterday on a largely party-line vote seems certain to be the first of a series of actions that will challenge Bush for the remainder of his presidency.

At stake is not just Bush's decision to send an additional 21,500 U.S. troops to Iraq, the plan specifically renounced by the resolution. By extension, the 246 to 182 vote passed judgment on Bush's overall stewardship of the war in Iraq and, more broadly, on his leadership in the world. At a time when the president is confronting Iran over its nuclear enrichment program, the House vote demonstrates that he has far less latitude to take aggressive action than he might have had in the past.

"This is an important moment," said Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was President Jimmy Carter's national security adviser and is now a counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "And it's an important moment not only about what's in the past, or even in the present, but also what might be happening in the future."

The resolution, he said, "tells the president that the country's increasingly tired of the war and the country's reaction to his provoking a new war would be even worse."

i'll accept the assertion that congress will be "challenging" bush for the rest of his term, but i ain't buyin' that "he has far less latitude to take aggressive action than he might have had in the past..." to date, absolutely NOTHING supports that statement... supreme court decisions, polls, national elections, congressional actions, media attention, rebukes from allies, a disaster in iraq, a botched "war" on terrorism, gaping holes in national security, and a foreign policy in shambles, have not deterred this administration one iota, and none of them will, unless and until bush and his criminals are turned out of office... so very few people grasp the fact that we are dealing with extremely dark forces here, so dark, in fact, that any attempt we make to apply traditional frameworks of reason and good sense, are bound to fail... i do agree, however, with zbig... it IS an important moment...
Both sides recognized that the House vote, along with a Senate vote scheduled for today, represents the opening salvo in a more protracted struggle. "To me, this is kind of a baby step. It doesn't have teeth," said David J. Rothkopf, author of "Running the World," a book on the making of modern foreign policy. "The real question is going to be whether the Democratic leadership goes further and challenges funding, because that's where Congress historically has been able to show its influence."

if it is indeed a "baby step," the "real" question is whether bush's hold on his office can be challenged, because removing him is the ONLY way the bleeding can be stopped...

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