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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Shooting the (Congressional Research Service) messenger
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Shooting the (Congressional Research Service) messenger

how many times do we have to sit by and watch bushco and its toadies denigrate, belittle, besmirch and otherwise attempt to destroy the credibility of those who bring bad news or don't line up precisely with its twisted world view...? such a sad, sad bunch of people...

georgia10 at kos details bushco's proxy attack on the crs, an organization with a bipartisan, objective reputation as solid as the gao, for debunking the administration's so-called justifications for warrantless domestic spying...

On Feb. 1st, Representative Peter Hoekstra, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, sent a letter to the Director of the Congressional Research Service whining about how Cumming's [Alfred Cumming, the CRS Specialist in Intelligence and National Security] reports were partisan in nature and not based in law or fact. The letter was the last in a series of attacks on Cumming. On January 25th, the Washington Times ran a hit piece on Cumming, saying he was a registered Democrat, a former Democratic staffer, and he committed the gravest of sins--donating some money to Kerry's presidential campaign. Right wing blogs have picked up on this, and FOX News has done its part as the obligatory megaphone for baseless propaganda.

This modus operandi is standard for the right-wing, but the fact that they resort to attacking a superbly qualified researcher proves they're scared shitless. Just like the smears with Kerry, Wilson, Murtha, and countless others, anytime the right-wing pounds the table this hard, it means they sure have something devastating to hide.

all orchestrated, no doubt, by the dark lord himself, the one-who- must-not-be-named, karl rove...

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