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And, yes, I DO take it personally: All your worst fears about John Bolton are coming true
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

All your worst fears about John Bolton are coming true

steve clemons in the washington note lays out a very troubling picture of a john bolton who, after making an uncharacteristically gracious and polite start, is now feeling his oats and causing the very kind of trouble that kept him from a senate confirmation... the most serious aspect of the nastiness that seems to be part of his dna is his apparent sabotaging of the efforts of his boss, condi rice...
Now, it seems that the real John Bolton has boldly stepped beyond the veneer. And true to form, just as he woke up each morning for the first four years of the Bush administration asking what he could do to make Colin Powell's life miserable and, at the same time, doing Vice President Cheney's bidding, John Bolton has now target Condoleezza Rice's efforts to get America back on a more balanced foreign policy track with the rest of the world.


John Bolton is not perceived at home or abroad to be the legitimate Ambassador of this country to the United Nations without confirmation from the United States Senate. The President may want Bolton to hold his position without the legitimating seal of approval of the Senate, but the damage he is now doing needs to be contained.

just another bush/rove/cheney pile of steaming horseshit left lying about, waiting for the shoes of innocent bystanders...

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