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And, yes, I DO take it personally: The reassuring presence of Condi in Iraq
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Friday, November 11, 2005

The reassuring presence of Condi in Iraq

[T]he secretary arrived at a military airport and rode by helicopter to a U.S. base near Mosul, flying over sheep grazing next to the roofless shells of bombed-out buildings and houses.

gettin' those ferragamo shoes a bit dusty, are we...?
Rice, who flew in from Bahrain, said her main goal was to urge Iraq's diverse political parties to reach across sectarian lines and create a single country where everyone felt "fully protected." [...] Rice said she delivered the same message of unity to Iraqi deputy prime minister Ahmad Chalabi during her meeting with him in Washington this week.

the fact that she would even REFERENCE her meeting with ahmad-the-crook is startling...
"If Iraq does not succeed and should Iraq become a place of despair, generations of Americans would also be condemned to fear," Rice said at a ceremony for the first of the teams. "So our fates and our futures are very much linked."

oh, the futures of the u.s. and iraq are linked, no doubt about it... just not in the way or for the reasons she thinks...

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