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And, yes, I DO take it personally: WWL Interview with NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin - devastating indictment of Bush [UPDATE - link]
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Friday, September 02, 2005

WWL Interview with NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin - devastating indictment of Bush [UPDATE - link]

i just listened to the full interview wwl conducted with new orleans mayor ray nagin as re-broadcast on cnn... devastating indictment... overwhelming emotion... he says that bush flying over in air force one doesn't cut it... he says they are desperate and they need help and they aren't getting it... he asks why billions of dollars can be approved in an eyeblink for iraq and troops staged and deployed in a heartbeat and people are still dying in new orleans after 5 days... he describes little old ladies standing in their attics in water "up to their friggin' necks," heads stuck into ventilator shafts in order to breathe... he describes people dying right and left... he talks about the small percentage of people involved in senseless looting but the greater percentage of looters are doing it simply in order to survive... he says he's going to get in to a lot of trouble for expressing his opinion but, at this point, he doesn't care... he says he doesn't want to see any more press conferences... stop the press conferences, he says, and bring us help... the interviewer, mayor nagin and i were in tears at the end, neither of them able to say anything and me cursing in front of the tv... i have been trying to find the link and as soon as i do, i will post it as an update here...

today bush is going to be on the ground in BILOXI...??? what the fuck is the matter with that man...??? i don't think he really is part of the human species... he has to be some sort of cold-blooded alien life form... he has to go and the sooner the better...


i'm having trouble finding a link to the transcript... the interview was conducted by wwl radio but i can't find it on their site... here's a link to a brief story... if anybody has a better link, PLEASE post it in the comments and i will pick it up...

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