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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Telesur update
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Telesur update

aw, shit... you guys in d.c...!! it didn't have to come to this... all you're doing is pissing off everybody in latin america who would actually like to be on the side of the u.s. if only we weren't so goddamed high and mighty about telling everybody what's up and how to live their lives...

believe it or not, there's one hell of a lot of people around the world who are fully capable of thinking for themselves and making up their own minds about what is true and what isn't... if telesur proves to be nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece, everybody's gonna figure it out damn quick... god, sometimes i just can't stomach how my country goes about its business...

(for earlier posts, see here and here...)
Sunday will be the first day of broadcasting for a new Latin America-wide TV network aimed at competing with U.S. and European international news stations.


But the minister [Venezuelan Information Minister Andrés Izarra] warned that the U.S. government could attempt to jam the station's broadcasts, which will initially cover four hours a day: ”Our technological capacity is limited, and the United States is obviously superior in that aspect...We do not rule out the possibility of having to seek other routes, besides satellite, to air our programming.”

Even before the content of Telesur's programming has become clear, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment Wednesday authorising Washington to create a station that would broadcast exclusively to Venezuela to ”provide a consistently accurate, objective, and comprehensive source of news.”

Through its embassy in Washington, the Venezuelan government responded that all continent-wide cable and satellite stations already operate freely in Venezuela, where most of the local media outlets are not only privately-owned, but are controlled by the opposition.

The sponsor of the amendment in the U.S. legislature, Republican Rep. Connie Mack of the state of Florida, described Telesur as a threat to the United States that would undermine the balance of power in the western hemisphere and spread Chávez's ”anti-American, anti-freedom rhetoric.”

He also likened it to the pan-Arab satellite channel al-Jazeera.

message: "we're the big dogs... you get your information from US... truth is what we say it is... no need to get it from anywhere else..."

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