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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Taking the "cure...?" Puhleeze...
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taking the "cure...?" Puhleeze...

i truly wish stories like this were given more exposure in the u.s. which is ironic since the subjects of the article both live in nyc... guess i need to keep in mind who's really running the country, huh...
When Steven Parelli and José Ortiz were evangelical ministers, they tried desperately to ”cure” their homosexuality through religious support groups, which merely added to their feelings of guilt and depression.

Today they live together as a couple and devote their efforts to fighting back against those who claim that their sexual orientation is a sin.

In an interview with IPS during a recent visit to Mexico City, Parelli and Ortiz stressed that it is a myth that homosexuality can be cured, a belief promoted by the Catholic Church-affiliated organisation Courage and groups of ”reformed gays” connected to evangelical Protestant churches.


”Those who attempt to cure homosexuality are actually doing something very harmful,” said Ortiz.

”I lived through it and speak from my own experience. I suffered terrible sadness and depression, and was even driven to thoughts of suicide,” he added.

Parelli, who says he fought with all his might to change his sexual orientation, but ultimately in vain, laments the fact that religious organisations promote the firm conviction that homosexuality is ”bad”.

”When I married a woman, I believed that Jesus Christ would help me to overcome my homosexuality,” he said. "It did not happen. Now I know that the best thing to do is to acknowledge what I am, what God wants for me,” he added.

yes... absolutely... love is love... committment is committment... all of us eventually must look into our hearts, accept who we are, and make a decision to live and love as best we can...

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