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And, yes, I DO take it personally: Dubya's economic track record
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dubya's economic track record

(thanks to bonddad at kos)

yep, it's ugly all right...

The numbers below are for 2000-2004.

The Financial markets

S&P 500 -15%
Dow Jones -5.3%

Consumer income and expenses and Standard of Living

Price of a Gallon of Gas +46%
Real Value of the Minimum Wage -7%
Median Household Income -4%
Average cost of 4-year public college +24%
Poverty Rate +11%
Americans filing for Bankruptcy +33%
Annual Increase in Prescription Drug Prices (from 4.1% t0 6.8%) +68%
Number of Americans without Health insurance +18%

Federal Finances

Federal Debt +39%
Monthly Trade Deficit +75%
Annual Trade Deficit +53%

The dollar

Dollar versus Euro -30%
Dollar versus Yen -11%

Consumer Debt

Home Mortgage Borrowing +100%
Total Outstanding Consumer Debt +28%
Household Debt as a Percentage of Assets: 20%
Household Debt as a Percentage of GDP +21%

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